Circulars and reports that have been received to assist the congregation on their vote on Presbytery options

Transitional Presbytery of South Australia – What is it


Presbytery Restructure – Information Circular No. 1

Presbytery Restructure – Information Circular No. 2

Presbytery-Restructure- Information Circular No. 3

Non-Geographical Presbytery – is now Generate Presbytery

Notes from a Meeting – on the Formation of the Generate Presbytery

Standing-Committee decision-5-April-2019

Some of our Council members attended a meeting at The Corner Uniting on Tuesday the 30th of April. This information evening was called by the group of people and ministers who are focused on what the geographical Presbyteries (possibly 2 or 3?) that develop from the Transitional Presbytery may look like and have as their vision/mission. Rev. Dr. Jonathon Barker presented a suggested set of characteristics that might be the principles of the geographical Presbyteries yet to be formed “see below”. The group have created their own web site “see below”. It has the characteristics document by Jonathon Barker, the Generate Presbytery information and the information/circulars fro the Synod Office.They are working on Proposals to be presented to the June Synod meeting which will also be available on the web site as they are developed. (One of the suggested Proposals was that the creating of all the new Presbyteries occur at the same time after the November Synod meeting but they were not expecting that to be accepted for consideration by the Synod members, when the Generate Presbytery will be ready to commence in June.)

Web site for Information on principles of the geographical Presbyteries yet to be formed.

Inclusive-Aims prepared by Rev Jonathan Barker