It all started with a story about beginnings, everything’s beginning. A story of darkness and light, of things coming together, of life and hope and goodness and connections.  God and humanity and the rest of the universe interwoven and interrelated.  Then the story moves from the grand arena of cosmic proportions to focus on two individuals and an antagonist exploring the consequences of disconnection and separation.  Desire and arrogance chose independence from the Divine. The characters engaged with each other and followed a path of logic that was ill informed. These innocent creatures believed the lie that God wished them harm, and that knowledge was for God alone and not for humanity. They chose to stand apart without any reference to their loving Creator and discovered that innocence lost was not as golden as they were led to believe.


The consequences of separateness brought responsibility and wisdom as they discovered the vulnerability of true discernment.  Then using the simple resources, they had, they covered themselves and their perceived shame with fragile leaves. The weight of discovery was unbearable so they hid from their life-giving relationship with God. They stayed in the shadows hoping not to be fully known and when asked about their activities, they splintered even further apart blaming each other for their shame and failure.  Is this story of a demanding Holy God, rejecting creation for its selfish betrayal? Or can we see this story as the reality of our inherent relationship with God, given out of love; and then the denial and shame humanity experienced from the rejection of our very nature for community?  This is a story of choices, consequences and hope for reconnection.

God our creator and redeemer is always present, ready with a welcoming embrace and the wisdom of reconnection.

Rev Malcolm Rawlings – You are welcome to hear the rest of the message at our Worship this Sunday.