It is good when people gather together to praise and worship God in our church building. We work together to prepare a time of blessing and teaching for those who come. We even organise recordings so that those who are unable to attend can share in this worship experience. We’re doing what God calls us to do as Christians.  Meeting together regularly, singing hymns and songs of praise, listening to sermons, giving offerings and engaging in prayers are integral parts of our Christian life in praise of God our Maker.

Church time on Sundays at 10 am is only a portion of our worship. God invites all of us to a wholistic approach to life and worship. God is omnipresent, meaning that He is everywhere at all times, so, we’re able to worship Him in all places and at all times. Worship is a multi-faceted connection to life.

Meeting in a Church building is a deliberate gathering in a holy place for worship; so too, is walking along the beach at sunset. Sitting by the hospital bed of a friend in palliative care is a holy place of worship; gathering on the steps of Parliament house protesting against the treatment of refugees is also an act of worship in a holy place. Sitting next to a stranger on the bus blessing them with a silent, eyes open prayer is a holy place of worship. And when you truly see the supermarket checkout person, call them by name and offer them a smile, you make a holy act of worship.  God delights when people of faith acknowledge life, love and community. Every part of our life can be recognised and offered as a sacrifice of praise to God and He delights when people experience grace in any place and at any time. May we delight in worshipping God as we move through our lives, seeking to bring praise, peace and justice along our way.

Rev Malcolm Rawlings – You are welcome to hear the rest of the message at our Worship this Sunday.