This is a story of two people who meet at a place of refreshment. Both are weary and searching for something more. He is physically tired and looking for a drink to ease his thirst. She is tired of life and its judgments and is seeking to become invisible. They meet, look at each other, quickly evaluating the stranger through well practised lenses, and so the conversation begins.   He asks for a drink; she counters with sarcasm and a provoking question. He answers and slowly they begin to move deeper into matters of life and love. She is reluctant to be honest and instead tries to divert the conversation back to argument and belief, yet he is persistent in washing away layers of superficial prejudice. She wishes to remain lost in religious, cultural questions and he dives deeper into what really matters and their discussion leads to truth of how life really is.

This man, this Jesus, offers living water that gets straight to the heart of who we are, washing away the superfluous. Jesus reveals that often our conversations are filled with comments important for debate yet are not integral to life or growth. When Jesus enters our conversations, pretence and fear dissolve and the core of who we are is revealed and embraced. As we trust this process, we find strength and acceptance of our journey and grace for our existence.  This opens a flow of honesty and grace that enables us to live well and share generously of our own experiences. May we trust this process.

Rev Malcolm Rawlings – You are welcome to hear the rest of the message at our Worship this Sunday.