We’re all in this together.   Roman, Jew, Old, Young, God and Grace all get mixed together in this healing story of Jesus. Boundaries are defined, gaps exposed and Divine flow gets messy as Jesus blesses faith and obedience in places where it was not supposed to be. Here is evidence of generosity, faithfulness and discipline working together. This first century society had already designated where the lines of acceptable boundaries should be; yet there was some unexpected fuzziness in the boundaries between the governing Roman authority figure and the indigenous worship community. People were already cooperating and Jesus was encouraged to offer a miracle of healing. What amazes Jesus was the depth of faith evident in one who was not part of the inner worshipping community.

The bible verses from Colossians remind the reader of their role to engage, encourage, challenge and build community. Wisdom not criticism is the path forward. Openness and vulnerability are the tools for building strong community, both inside and outside the faith community. We all have an impact upon each other, and our interaction is always interdependent and complex.

We listen, give, speak, receive and share. The Divine flow permeates our world as God continues to work. Jesus acknowledges and celebrates when he discovers where this is happening. We too are encouraged to participate in the discovery and celebration of grace. This is life giving and evidence of God’s Spirit present among us. We are here for a purpose; everything is. The gift of God is for us to recognise this reality and make connections.