Many people see Jesus as a spiritual leader who focused all his attention on prayer and doing spiritual things to please God. Even many of his followers have tried to copy Jesus by isolating themselves from the world and living a pious separated existence, yet the Gospel stories reveal a Jesus who had a very attractive spirituality. All sorts of people were drawn to him.
Jesus is shown to be a model of holy laughter, with a sheer love of life. He had an infectious holiness and a love for common people’s faith. Jesus came with love and faith and trust and sometimes answers but mostly he chose to be involved in our world in all its sticky mess, in the beautiful, the ugly, the serene and the complicated.
God is a God of joy and acceptance, engaging in creation and celebrating in the beauty of life and its potential. Jesus reveals to us that there is no divide between the sacred and the ordinary. God’s glory is seen in all aspects of life and our participation in it.
Jesus makes connections with all of life to God, from little children to common meals, from friendships and laughter to prayer and sacrifice.
All of our lives, our deeds and thoughts are part of our spirituality and if our focus is in giving thanks to God then our holiness is not rigid and pious but real and personal and incarnational.
We recognise that God is present in our lives in all our everyday activities.
This is energising, holy and creative. This is good news. This is living our lives like Jesus.

Rev Malcolm Rawlings – You are welcome to hear the rest of the message at our Worship this Sunday.