We are complex individuals together in one unique worshipping community. The unique Journey of Brighton Uniting Church has many components and connexions that define who we are. One significant contributor to our identity is our past. All of the influences and decisions we previously have made, the events that have shaped our church, the history and actions of those who were here before us; all of these things impact who we are today. Historically, those who have been a part of our church have paved the pathway for our responses and actions today. In many ways our church ancestry has laid the foundations for the processes that touch our church life today. We never lose those connections; and to understand what has gone before helps us to move forward in action. This understanding gives us confidence that where we are going will be true to where we have been. This does not infer that we will always do what we have done in the past; rather it inspires our future choices to try new things filled with the values that are true to who we are. There is a temptation for us to try new activities because they work in other places encouraging us to become like people from somewhere else. This is never a good option, for we have to be true to who we are. God has a purpose for this church to be who we were created to be and to continue to influence the community around us with the strengths and graces that have developed through God’s Spirit working through us and within us. In the affirmation of who we are there is inspiration for us to move forward, basing our decisions upon the core values that have made us a living, faithful church and allowing the Spirit of God to renew our activities and engagement with the wider community. Our future journey together may lead us to do things differently however the essence of our church remains the same as we focus of who God has called us to be.

To hear more from Rev Malcom Rawlings come to our Worship this Sunday.