Ok, what’s important to you?  I suppose it depends upon many things. Your age, gender, country of birth, religion, financial resources. There is a myriad of influences that affect what we hold to be important in our lives. Even after we have struggled through to define what it is that is important to us, we find that our circumstances change and what was important to us yesterday is today no longer as significant. Life is full of change. So, whatever we seek as important in our lives it is different to different people. However, there is a common thread in all of our searching. We all seek for good things to happen to us and our community. Health, happiness and some level of freedom to make our own choices. We also know, through experience, what life is like when things change for the worse. Life consistently brings challenges, pain and struggle to us all. It is in these times that we choose to respond in many ways. Here is where we find exactly what is important to us. When confronted with difficulties there is a God given opportunity to see with clarity the core values that are vital to our being. Some of us get to this realisation quicker than others, and God is patient so most of us arrive eventually. Whatever your life situation, you will experience some level of suffering, this is a given. How you respond is your choice. So, don’t waste a crisis. Acknowledge life for what it is, let God to be a resource for what you need and allow yourself the space to rediscover what is significant and important for your soul. Life is too valuable to remain stuck, bitter or angry. Wherever you are in life, be open to whatever comes and seek to live in clarity and hope.

Rev Malcolm Rawlings – You are welcome to hear the rest of the message at our Worship this Sunday.