There are always great surprises in our natural world, it seems that God delights in the unexpected.

One such example is the transformation of caterpillar into butterfly. It challenges logic to imagine the connection between a ravenous and chubby crawling leaf eater to the delicate slender colourful nectar drinking, flower pollinating flying insect. Yet metamorphosis enables the former to become the latter. And the other amazing fact is that nothing else is added, for the DNA of the caterpillar is exactly the same as the butterfly. It’s all a matter of timing; when the creature has consumed enough and the season is right then a cocoon is prepared and the change process begins as God relishes transformation and rearrangement.

Our lives follow a similar path, even though we have choices to make.  In the natural world metamorphosis occurs regardless of the insect’s intention, there is no choice involved in the transformation of caterpillars, tadpoles and other larvae. Humanity has opportunities for change and this involves matters of faith and will. People need to believe that change is possible and connect with God’s grace to see and realise the possibilities of a better life. God is our guide and helper as we acknowledge that change is real and that we are created with all we need to be the best version of who we are. This week’s story of the transfiguration of Jesus highlights how God really sees us all. The experience of those who saw this event encourages them to make the connections between how we think we are and what is possible through faith and trust in God.

God takes all that we are, our strengths and weakness, our past successes and failures and uses every single part to enable us to transform into who God created us to be. This is a journey of growing towards our full potential.

Rev Malcolm Rawlings – You are welcome to hear the rest of the message at our Worship this Sunday.