Do good stuff. Whoever we are, wherever we live, whatever we are facing there are always opportunities for us to do good things. We have many chances to do good; to make a positive difference in our world. We have an influence upon others through small acts of kindness, intentional choices of love and creative actions inviting peace and community. It is not hard to see that Jesus lived his life seeking every opportunity to do good to others. Therefore, as imitators of Jesus we choose to live our lives responding with goodness and generosity. We are people of faith, we trust in a benevolent God, we gather for worship and prayer. We give as generously as we can to local church, world mission and support many worthwhile charities. We are patient, we offer encouragement to others. We share in moments of joy and sadness with our neighbours.  We give practical support to those in need.  In all parts of our lives we do good stuff. Our actions flow from the grace of God evident within our inner selves. We still make mistakes for we are not perfect; yet we consistently choose to do good. However, we can sometimes be burdened by a cynical world that belittles doing good and seems lost in the failures of humanity. We can become distracted into a cycle of helplessness and ineffectiveness by the influence of others. Yet we are sustained by a God of goodness and grace, One who journeys alongside us, doing good for us, in us and through us. So, we continue to be faithful and persist in doing good things for each other. We are God’s people, we are good people, we do good stuff.

Rev Malcolm Rawlings – You are welcome to hear the rest of the message at our Worship this Sunday.