Ever been disappointed?? Yes, we all have been. All of us at some point in our lives have found that our expectations have not been met. That’s how life is. We all find ways to cope with our disappointments – sometimes we protect ourselves by keeping our expectations small; sometimes we isolate ourselves so that we are not exposed to much risk or adventure; sometimes we’ re with people who have less expectations than we do, this can make us feel a little superior. We use many different ways to try and manage our disappointments. Mostly, we end up just coping as best we can. Sometimes, we find that we have become a little cynical and begin to think that it is everyone else’s fault. So how do we cope when God lets us down? After all, God is powerful, caring and in charge. Often, it seems, this is not the reality of our world. Time after time, we find that our hopes are let down, our prayers unanswered and evil seems to triumph. What’s the point of faith when so much in life goes wrong? It’s all so disappointing; and we wait with some hope in a Heaven where everything will be better, if only we can impress God enough with our faith and good intentions. Not a great picture of salvation, this sounds like a life of endurance. A time spent waiting until we eventually arrive. There must be something more, it’s got to be better than this. So how do we make sense of our struggles and disappointments? This is a good question and there are many ways of answering it. Here is one possibility: God is within, through and outside of everything. God is love and love flows through all. Jesus reveals how human existence can be in connection with God and creation. Connection and community are essential to our living in Divine Grace and this connection enables us to live in the moment regardless of its external evaluation. Struggle and celebration, success or disappointment find their links through Grace. Our core, our foundation, our energy is centred in God and as Jesus reveals through his life, death and resurrection, we are able to face all of life’s ups and downs by being part of God’s true vine. Seasons of harvest and drought are all supported through the flow of Grace as we recognise our connection to God, each other and all of creation. Rev Malcolm Rawlings – To hear more you are welcome to this Sunday’s Worship.