Each of us are incredible creatures of body and soul; intricately woven together – flesh and blood, emotion and desire, kindness and generosity.  Physically, we are complex organisms that can move, eat and sleep; psychologically, we can consider and evaluate; spiritually, we can seek the infinite and divine.  There’s a unity in the diversity of the parts that make up who we are.   Our physical bodies are continually being renewed.  Cells perish and are replaced and a new regime is repeatedly established. Every day, we are changing/dying and rearranging – this is the cycle of our lives. Why should the spiritual aspect of our being be any different? God is complete and we are created to love God with our whole mind, body and soul. Just as our physical self regenerates cell by cell, so there is an opportunity for our love and wisdom to grow and be renewed. What happens in the physical world mirrors our spiritual journey. Our whole life experience; physical, mental and spiritual, is one of grace-filled renewal and this is something that’s recognised by Jesus when He speaks of abiding in God. Paul reminds us in Colossians that we are continually renewed in God’s image. In this light, our compassion needs to be renewed regularly and the gifts of patience and kindness need to be refreshed through our daily activities. God is at work reshaping and regrowing our wisdom and generosity. We’re not the same people we were when we were younger.  In fact, unless our compassion is refreshed, it becomes ineffective. To be alive we need to be open to recognising the growing changes that are being stimulated by God’s Holy Spirit in us daily, weekly, monthly.

Rev Malcolm Rawlings – You are welcome to hear the rest of the message at our Worship this Sunday.